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    Nylon and Polyester Monofilament Yarns;

    This yarn is obtained the raw materials Polyamid 6 - 6.6 and Polyester Polymers and produced by a variety users needs.It is mainly addressed to those articles, which require a good resistance to temperaturea together with an excellent dimensional stability during the finishing phases.

    Uses of Monofilament Yarns;

    Sewing Thread Manufacturers

    Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

    Seat Belt Manufacturers

    Narrow woven Manufacturers

    Manufacturers of fishing nets

    Safety nets manufacturers

    Filter manufacturers

    Industrial cleaning cloths manufacturers

    General Rubber Product Manufacturers

    Agriculture Textiles manufacturers

    Manufacturers of technical textiles for the automotive industry

    Sailing and parachute cloth manufacturers

    Manufacturers of heavy fabric with Endütriyel

    Industrial brush and vacuum cleaner manufacturers

    Velcro manufacturers

    Edge stitch floss users

    Special technical fabric manufacturers

    High heat-resistant insulation materials, manufacturers of fire and


    Greenhouse and fruit growing




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