Human Resources

Human Resources

THRONE TEKSTİL, together with customer focused and team conscious employees who have responsibility conscious and high level of seriousness, are responsible to total quality principles,

Far away from distinction of all kinds of language, religion, race, sex, political thought, THRONE respect for rights and freedoms in accordance with the constitutional and labor law,

With more constructive business relations, we are able to increase the quality and happiness in the business environment with institutional working conditions based on team work in consciousness,

Taking into account the operational and behavioral consequences of their thoughts, THRONE adopts ıts employees who have a modest, competitive in career, honored by the success of your colleague, able to benefit from the richness of the differences, able to share the knowledge,

THRONE TEKSTİL believes that employees who aim for company development get corporate success and ıt aıms to keep personnel satisfaction at the top in THRONE for employees who have a high education level, open to innovations and changes, entrepreneurial, energetic and individual development principles.

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